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I’m going to show you over these next 8 sessions of doing my live (zoom) coaching program, how to be better at being you which will make you a better wife, Boss, co-worker and a better person.


You have to...
Commit to the Work

I can’t do it for you, but I promise if you commit to the work you will get the results!

You have to...
Choose to Rise Up

Abuse imprisons people with shame and secrecy. But let’s stop being silent! Speak Up!

You have to...
Trust the Process

Trust is the key. We all deserve to be safe in every relationship we choose to have!

60+ And Powerful! - 8 LIVE zoom Coaching Sessions

By taking my coaching sessions, you'll discover how to become the powerful woman you already are inside. We empower individuals to change the way they view themselves, and life. Leading them to free themselves from limiting mentalities or situations!

After overcoming six years of child molestation, twenty plus years of drug addiction, domestic violence and the loss of a husband of twenty-five years. What I found is that sixty (60) is my new thirty (30). And in my discovery of finding out who I am. One thing I never consulted was the clock or the calendar.

You’re all powerful! I would like to introduce to you my new transformational program, “60 + And Powerful,” for women who are at the other end of their lives and who want to maximize their potential and life experiences on this side of their lives. And who want more clarity of purpose and to up-level their game and become the game changer in the world that they already are!

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